Ramtech Building Systems, Inc.

Permanent Modular Construction

Accelerated Building System process Accelerated Building System process Accelerated Building System process Accelerated Building System process Accelerated Building System process Accelerated Building System process
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Ramtech was the clear choice for our campus expansion due to their dedicated team of professionals who have a committed passion for technical excellence while maintaining high ethical standards.

Theresa Knox
Clary Sage College
Tulsa, OK

The Accelerated Building System

Ramtech's Accelerated Building System combines the best of both onsite and offsite construction by bringing together the speed and efficiency of prefabricated modular buildings with the quality and appearance of site applied interior and exterior finishes. We achieve this by employing simultaneous construction tracks. At the same time a site-specific, engineered reinforced concrete slab-on-grade foundation is constructed on the building site, the fabrication of the permanent modular buildings are taking place in our manufacturing plant. When complete, the building sections are then shipped to the project location, crane set onto the concrete slab, then quickly weathered-in and finished out on site. This form of design-build permanent modular construction results in a superior facility with lower overall design and construction costs and an accelerated project time frame. The key features of the permanent modular building system include:

A Record of Success

Since 1982 Ramtech Building Systems has built a successful record in constructing permanent modular buildings for commercial, institutional, and government users all around the U.S. and overseas. Conveniently located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we service the entire Southwest with a technical capability and innovative approach that can meet your permanent building needs. At Ramtech, we don't just sell you a building, we provide you with a complete solution by offering a comprehensive range of construction services and benefits that include:

The Right Choice

Your next construction project deserves nothing less than the expertise and experience of Ramtech and the Accelerated Building System, the right choice for permanent modular building design and construction.